Thank you!
In 2005 when I start PeaceTakesCourage I never anticipated the success the website would achieve or the impact my short videos could have. Through your support I was able to make a different and grow as an activist, media producer, and human being. As I move forward in my career as a filmmaker I acknowledge the limits of my time to continue producing regular videos for PeaceTakesCourage. While I am committed to continue to produce media that inspire and motivates positive change and progress, I must finally admit that it is time for me to move beyond PeaceTakesCourage. Above you will find the link to my portfolio website, which is constantly evolving as I continue my career in filmmaking. You will also find the link to the archive of PeaceTakesCourage, which will stay up and continue to exist as a space that I am incredibly proud of. Thank you so much for your continued support and for inspiring me to keep going.

- Ava Lowrey