28 Christian Denominations Explained

In the video above, the reporter explores 28 different Christian denominations, providing a concise overview of all Christian churches and their distinct characteristics. The Roman Catholic Church, the largest denomination, is led by the pope and emphasizes rituals and hierarchy. The Church of the East, an ancient church with unique rituals and theologies, is predominantly found in the Middle East and India.

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The Oriental Orthodox Church differs on the nature of Christ with strong regional traditions, and the Eastern Orthodox Church, the second-largest Christian group focusing on traditions and rituals mainly in Russia and Eastern Europe, is also highlighted.

Continuing the overview, the reporter mentions the Moravian Church, which emphasizes simplicity, missions, and the spiritual unity of all Christians. The Lutheran Church, the first Protestant denomination founded by Martin Luther, emphasizes faith and scripture over rituals. The Reformed Church, rooted in Calvinist theology, emphasizes God’s sovereignty and grace. The Anabaptist Church believes in adult baptism, pacifism, and the separation of church and state.

This exploration not only sheds light on the historical roots of these denominations but also delves into more contemporary movements, offering a comprehensive understanding of the diverse perspectives and values that collectively enrich the fabric of the broader Christian faith. It serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to appreciate the multifaceted nature of the different Christian denominations.

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