The Benefits of Belonging to a Woodworking Community

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In high school, there are only two types of students: those who loved shop class and those who didn’t. Shop class is one of the many electives that students can take to learn about important life skills and how to build things with their own hands. For those who actually enjoyed shop class, the hard work and long hours weren’t that big of a deal.

Being exposed to woodworking and auto mechanics at an early age can be beneficial to students because those activities can give them a glimpse at their possible career paths. They can see if they have any inclinations to pursue a career in carpentry, engineering, and architecture, or if they would rather go corporate.

It is also through this class that they can start developing a passion for the craft, which can either stay as a hobby or be considered as an actual livelihood. However, developing a passion for something that isn’t as mainstream as sports can be really lonely too because you will have a limited group you can converse with.

Fortunately, there are communities and organizations built for woodworking. You might think that it’s useless to join a guild of woodworkers just to talk shop, but you can be surprised at how beneficial it can be for you. In fact, here are some advantages of having a woodworking community:

Open a World of Lifelong Learning

You can always learn about woodworking from online resource materials or tutorial videos, but nothing can beat the form of education that you can get from a teacher. And in the case of belonging to woodworking communities, from multiple teachers with different backgrounds and fields of expertise.

This is because woodworking, like other forms of craft, is a skill that can be developed through continuous practice. You can teach yourself all the techniques online or seek formal training in accredited educational institutions, but if you can’t put theory into practice, your goals won’t reach fruition.

Joining a community of like-minded individuals can help you achieve your career and life goals faster, especially if you want to make your passion for woodworking profitable. Besides the sense of belonging, you can also grow as a person and a craftsman in your own right.

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Access Valuable Knowledge for Setting up Shop

If you’re determined to make your passion for woodworking a lifelong career, then having a community that can back you up can go a long way. You can learn from the experiences of those who have gone before you, which can be educational and informative to you as an aspiring entrepreneur.

Once you have established good relationships with the members of your community, maybe you can even ask them about the obstacles they faced while trying to run their small business. This way, you might be able to pick up a thing or two from their experiences so that you won’t have to go through the same mistakes or hurdles that they did.

Another aspect that you can consult from the experts is where you can potentially get reasonably-priced but high-quality materials or equipment for your shop. That’s because you’re going to need the best wood laser engraving machine and other pieces of equipment if you’re going to run a thriving woodshop business.

Simply having people who have more experience than you when it comes to woodworking can be relieving because you will no longer have to seek advice anywhere else. Plus, you can get a mentor and a friend at the same time without worrying about taking advantage of their kindness.

Feel a Sense of Kindred Spirit

Ultimately, the biggest benefit of joining a woodworking community is that you can be with people who share your passion for the craft. Having a unique hobby that not many people enjoy can be lonely because you have no one to talk to. Your friends or family may attempt to strike a conversation, but it’s different when you’re talking to fellow woodworkers.

So if you’re feeling lonesome, finding and joining a community of like-minded individuals can be your best bet. Everyone can benefit from having people who can not only appreciate what they do but can also keep the conversation going by providing relevant information.

Once you’ve grown familiar with how the community works, you can also start helping other aspiring woodworkers who have no one to turn to. In a way, you can pay it forward because you can pass on the knowledge you’ve acquired to those who need it. That’s just how the kindred spirit works.

There are more than seven billion people in the world, but it can still get lonely. However, by seeking out a community that can share your passions and inspires you to keep moving, you can slowly move out of your comfort zone. Doing so can be beneficial for your career as well as your personal life.

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