Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Video Court Reporter

Preparing all the required documentation for a court case can be quite a daunting task. It’s a highly technical and laborious job that involves a great deal of leg work and expertise, lest things get screwed up.

Now, if you’re looking to get the best possible deposition and other court documentation for the case you’re handling, you have to make sure that only a skilled documenter takes care of it. Fortunately, there are excellent Phoenix video court reporters whom you can turn to for help in capturing a deponent’s statement as clearly and as completely as possible. In the hands of a professional video court reporter, your deposition will be captured and presented in an excellent way that members of the jury, the judge handling the case, and everyone else inside the courtroom could easily digest.

Here’s why you should hire a professional for such a delicate task:


  • Top-level accuracy. Accuracy is a top consideration in any deposition. An inaccurate deposition can break an otherwise strong case or cause some trouble for the witness and the lawyer handling the case. In the hands of a professional video court reporter, such a boo-boo can be avoided as he or she has the required training and expertise in capturing the exact context and statement of the deponent.
  • Quicker turnaround time for reports. Aside from just doing depositions, video court reporters could also handle transcriptions and ensure fast turnaround time. Such timely preparation and submission of critical court reports can be a game-changer in cases with a strict timeframe. And because they are professionals, these video court reporters can work gracefully under time constraints without sacrificing the quality of the reports they submit.
  • Impartiality. A professional video court reporter can guarantee impartial handling of statements from deponents and other key witnesses in any case. These professionals perform their jobs in compliance with State and Federal civil procedure, with emphasis on impartiality to all parties concerned. In any court case, such quality is critical in ensuring that the quality of statements from key players is beyond question.
  • Redundancy. What happens when the video or file of a critical deposition or court statement gets accidentally lost? Such a scenario will cause quite a stress in witnesses, lawyers, and other people involved in the case. When you hire a professional video court reporter, this worst-case situation is avoided since they ensure redundancy in capturing critical statements. Aside from the main video camera that they use, they also have a separate audio and video recorder just to be sure that should one memory card from one device gets corrupted, there are still back-ups that can be used.
  • Highly professional output. Depositions should be complete, clear, and effortless to understand even by someone with hardly any legal knowledge. The beauty of getting professionals for such technical jobs is that they can provide a highly professional output each time. If you’ve even been to a court hearing in which a video deposition is presented, then you’ve probably appreciated the professional way by which the witness’ statement was captured and presented.

With all these great reasons, you should hire a professional for your video court reporting needs. This will work wonders for the case you’re handling and take one less burden off of your shoulders.

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