Road Accidents: What Causes Them and How to Prevent Them

Car accident

Road accidents aren’t always as unavoidable as you think. While it can be caused by environmental factors sometimes, it is caused by drivers who have no self-restraint and patience most of the time.

If you get involved in a car accident in Denver and suffer injuries, you can assist your auto injury lawyer in seeking compensation by providing evidence that you weren’t responsible for the crash. Understanding your situation is a significant factor in delivering that.

Learning about the various causes of road accidents is a good place to start. Also, take a look at multiple ways to prevent it and be more prepared in the future.

Intoxicated Driving

Drunk driving can lead to accidents due to the driver’s reduced coordination and perception. They will be unaware of nearby cars until it’s too late or end up running a red light by mistake. This increases their chances of colliding with other vehicles and causing a severe accident.

There are various reasons that people would drink and drive. Peer pressure can cause them to go with the flow and drink more than they can handle. It is also possible that they are alcoholics and are unable to resist drinking alcohol even if they know that they will drive.

To prevent drunk driving, have a designated driver when drinking as a group. Ignition interlocks can also be used, which is a device that checks your alcohol levels and prevents the car from starting if a certain level is exceeded.


Impatient drivers get the urge to speed if they are having a bad day or are in a rush. If the road is empty, it can also be tempting to test the speed limits. These moments of recklessness will lead to car accidents if they speed at the wrong moment.

Preventing people from speeding is more reliant on the environment, such as the implementation of curved roads, speed bumps, and speed limits. However, drivers should also be more disciplined and learn to manage their anger and stress to avoid speeding.

Distracted Driving

Car accident

No matter what anyone says, driving a car needs the person’s full attention. Any moments of distraction, no matter how short, is a considerable risk to the people in the vehicle. Anything can happen in one moment, so a driver can’t afford to be distracted.

To minimize distractions during driving, avoid texting with your phone or answering calls. If you’re driving with someone and want to do minor tasks, ask your companion to do it for you instead. Eating and drinking during driving are also prohibited.

Poor Visibility

Sometimes you can’t help but go home late, and driving can be difficult during the night. It’s especially bad if the road you are driving through has no sidewalk lights, which makes it even harder to see in front.

To drive safely at night, go at a slow pace so that you have more time to react to your surroundings. Keep your headlights clean and aim them properly to allow more light to spread out from your car. Clean your windshield frequently to avoid any perception issues.

Knowing is just half the battle. Make sure to implement these ways of prevention so that at least on your side, you can be sure that you won’t cause any road accidents.

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