How to Make the Best Out of This Quarantine With Your Family


The quarantine has been dragging on for two years. Governments will announce that they lift the lockdown only to impose it again a few months after. Since there is no definite time frame on how long this will last, we have to learn how to live with it and even make the most out of it. Here are some fun activities that you can do with your family while in community quarantine:

Play board games.

Suppose your family has been used to the familiar routine of waking up, eating together, proceeding with online class or work, and you start to crave activity to break out from this. In that case, you can start with playing board games such as Monopoly or Scrabble. This can stir up the competitiveness within the family, which will make the games even more enjoyable. It will give way to new memories and stronger relationships and also helps reduce stress and makes for laughter.

Watch movies together.

Studies show that watching movies together with family strengthens bonds and builds tradition. Spending time doing and absorbing the same media is beneficial instead of each member’s eyes being glued to the screen. Sometimes, parents want to discuss something but couldn’t find the right time or context.

Watching movies together is an excellent way to discuss with children the positive and negative themes they see. See how kids react, ask them questions, and better their understanding. This activity helps instill good values in children.

Create do-it-yourself projects together.

Creating DIY projects fosters shared interest within the family and helps form richer and more unique connections. You can arrange a terrarium, make a bird feeder or birdhouse, paint stones, construct a treehouse, make mason jar lanterns, build a tree swing, shape papier-mache, and do tie-dye crafts. There are several DIY ideas out there that your family can choose from.

Do household chores together.

Grab the mop and some high-quality cleaning rags and ask other family members to help you. Once your family is done with the living room, move to the kitchen, do the dishes, and arrange the plates. Go outside and find the rake, prune your plants, and ask your children to sprinkle some water on your lawn. This way, you can make cleaning less burdensome and even turn it into a familial activity that everyone looks forward to instead of avoiding.

Do scientific experiments.

Do you remember the feeling of being amazed at the experiments you did in your science classes? Try it at home! Most classes are still conducted online, so if your children are tasked to conduct scientific experiments, help them. Not only will it be a learning experience, but it will also create fond memories, so don’t forget to document the entire process.

Outdoor activities


Play hide-and-seek

This activity can help the kids move and enhance their memory, improve problem-solving skills, practice rote counting, and promote sportsmanship. There are higher chances of losing when more players participate in hide-and-seek, but this can also be an excellent opportunity to help the youngsters deal with it.

Go biking

With biking, you can get your family off the couch or bed and burn some calories. There are various studies on the proven benefits of biking, and it is excellent for people of all ages and gender. Just like other physical activities, it reduces stress and helps individuals focus better. Grab your helmet, safety gear, and bicycles and roam around the neighborhood or pedal towards the mountain or river.

Try camping.

More than 7.2 million U.S. households have started camping from 2014 to 2019. There’s nothing better than reconnecting with nature alongside the people that you love. Since your family is immersed in your stay in the woods or fields, you can find quality time together, away from the daily routine of being quarantined. Disconnecting from the internet and connecting with each other can create stronger camaraderie loosened by familiarity. You can also do other activities such as stargazing, building a campfire, and storytelling.


Having a bad day in fishing still beats working from home and studying online, as always. Fishing can boost concentration and deliver a sense of freedom after undergoing community quarantine for a long time. It also helps with personal and social development. Plus, everyone will feel the thrill and surge of happiness once any family member catches a fish.


Gardening has several health benefits, and the first is when you bathe in the sun, your skin uses the sunlight to make vitamin D. It helps strengthen the immunity system, which is essential in today’s time. It can also boost one’s mood, so if you garden with your family, you’ll be going home to a more cheerful one.

Although the pandemic has discouraged many social interactions and activities that we used to have, we can still spend great times with the most important people in our lives. Do indoor or outdoor activities with your family, and you’ll get through this pandemic with an even better relationship.

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