Life Lessons from Pets: Why They Make an Effective Life Coach

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Owning a pet has its perks. They bring positive energy to your life and trigger your happy hormones to balance the stress of life. In return, their only requirement is for you to give them a comfortable life.

That includes providing them a healthy environment, completing their vaccination, feeding them nutritious food, allowing them to play, and ensuring they stay safe and protected from all kinds of illnesses. You can do this by finishing their immunizations and hiring specialists to take care of your surroundings, such as pest, mosquito, and tick control experts.

But no matter how challenging it may be, having a pet companion by our side is one of the most rewarding things we can have in life. They can even be beneficial for your health as they encourage you to stay active, socialize, and be responsible. For example, a daily walk with your pup can reduce cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and depression.

Indeed, the work required to care for our cherished companion is worth it. In a way, we may even need them more than they need us, as they impart valuable life lessons without us realizing it.

They teach you to be present

Being fully present is a valuable lesson one can gain from having a pet. They do not dwell with the past nor stress about what tomorrow brings. Instead, they eat what they want and play when they can. They do not count the calories or carbs given to them. Instead, they savor every crunchy and delicious snack available and express their gratitude to their humans.

So, if you’re constantly worried about what life brings and believe you are being left out, remember to take it easy like your cat. Do what you can, bring in all the effort you can give, and quit worrying about things you can’t change. Remember that everything will unfold as it should, and the worst thing you can do is risk your health by stressing over matters you have no control over. Doing so will only hurt you and your loved ones.

puppy enjoying a car ride

They teach you to trust and enjoy the process

Have you ever noticed how your dog poked its head out of the car window and took in all the scents as you drove home? Then, regardless of their destination, they wag their tails and enjoy every bit of the adventure with you. Now, take a moment to reflect on that with your objectives and aspirations in mind.

Sometimes, we become too focused on getting the desired result that we forget to enjoy and learn from the process. While there is nothing wrong with being goal-oriented, remember that too much of anything can only result in frustrations, especially if the expectations you set are not met. So, learn to celebrate your little wins and trust yourself along the way.

They teach you the value of forgiveness

Of all the mistakes you could commit in life, there is but one living thing waiting for you at home, read to cuddle and forgive. No matter how long you’re gone for the day, your puppy will always wag its tail as they approach you at the door. No matter how stressful your day was, trust your feathered friend to flap their wings to show you affection.

Our beloved pets are incredibly forgiving. They make sure that their short-lived lives are focused on the good. In a way, you can also apply this to how you approach life. Grudges have a detrimental impact on your physical and mental health.

It prevents you from moving forward and lets you feed on negativities causing further depression and anxiety. Moreover, it holds you back from addressing and resolving the issue, preventing you from getting the closure and peace of mind you deserve. Falling into deep depression will cause suppressed, uncontrolled anger and excessive triggers, resulting in individuals hurting themselves and alienating their loved ones.

Of course, forgiving someone does not equate to welcoming them again into your life. You need to weigh things and decide what’s best for you. What matters is that you put yourself first. You need to forgive but make sure you set your boundaries straight. Be clear about what you will and will not tolerate. Remember, you are doing this to free yourself from the negativity and live life to the fullest.

Pets can teach us a thing or two and more. But, at the end of the day, one thing will remain certain — they will love us unconditionally. Their presence will brighten our day and add more meaning and happiness to our lives. Having a pet companion may not be an easy task, but taking care of them and letting them follow you around is undoubtedly rewarding.

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