When Do You Need a Lawyer in Starting a Family?

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It is a sad reality of family life that more than half of marriages end up in divorce before the 10th year. In many Western countries where divorce is easier to attain, millions of couples separate every year. Even during the pandemic, there was an unusual increase in the number of separations because couples were locked down in their homes for the first time since they started building their dreams and working almost six days a week.

But divorce isn’t the only reason why couples need to consult with a lawyer. Even before they get married, they should already be talking with a lawyer about all the possible situations they will find themselves in the future. Thankfully, there are more than 1.5 million registered lawyers in the United States. You can find the right lawyer for what you need. If you are in the process of a divorce, talking to a child support attorney will help the couple compromise, negotiate, and arrive at a legal, logical, and practical solution.

Getting Married

Even before you get married, make sure to consult with a lawyer, especially if there are assets and liabilities involved in the marriage. While marriage might seem like a straight-up ceremony, it can also be a complicated affair when things are not in order. The lawyer will not only guide you through the legal process of getting married according to state and federal laws. The attorney will also give you advice on the legal responsibilities of the spouses to each other, as well as when they’re already parents.

If you want a prenuptial agreement, then it also makes sense to hire a family lawyer. Prenuptial agreements are complex documents because each person has to list down the assets and liabilities before marriage. There are also many types of prenuptial agreements. Some agreements will only exclude the assets the couple has before marriage or the inheritance from the marital properties. Then, there are also types of prenuptial agreements that will include even the assets acquired after marriage. The complexity of this agreement means you need a reputable attorney.

Forming Domestic Partnerships

Originally, the law on civil union and domestic partnerships was designed for same-sex marriage. But recently, couples are deciding to live together without getting married. There are different laws depending on the state where you are residing. Still, most laws will recognize the legality of domestic partnerships pertaining to assets, child custody, liabilities, and even separation. If you plan to live together but are not sold on the idea of marriage, talking to a lawyer before moving in is the most logical step.


It’s not that divorce is imminent in every marriage, but it’s just that divorce is imminent in at least 50% of couples who get married. It isn’t a fun fact, but it’s not fun either when you have to face the prospect of a divorce without a lawyer representing your needs. In divorce, legal issues arise because of child custody, child support, separation of assets, and alimony. Each party is entitled to legal rights and liabilities depending on the nature of the cause of divorce—domestic abuse, negligence, and infidelity.

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Most courts will ask the couple to seek mediation for possible reconciliation. When this is impossible, the couple can choose an out-of-court settlement. For this, you would still need to seek the help of family lawyers.

Child Custody

Don’t go into a negotiation about child custody without a lawyer by your side. In the event of a divorce, your children might have to choose between you. Do you want your kids to go through that process? Family members and relatives may even take them away if the divorce becomes unhealthy for them. What happens if you are wrongfully accused of neglect and abuse? You need a lawyer to see to it that you are proven innocent.


If you have trouble getting pregnant, you might consider adoption. However, whether in the United States or other countries, adoption is a complicated legal process. You need to be eligible to adopt a child. You have to prove that the child will benefit from being adopted by you. The process involves a lot of paperwork, legal documents, and money. A competent lawyer will help you deal with those complexities and also make sure that you won’t get entangled in any legal problem.

Consulting a family lawyer isn’t all about bad news. Couples tend to go to a lawyer only when there is trouble in paradise. You need to talk to a family attorney before taking any step forward in your marriage. This way ensures you are not getting into legal troubles.

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