How to Keep Your Kids Busy While You Work

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• Indoor activities keep kids engaged while providing them with educational benefits, such as problem-solving and motor skills. 

• Outdoor activities are beneficial for both physical and mental development. 

• Creating an outdoor play area or gardening can be a great way to teach them about nature. 

• Enrolling your kids in early childhood education programs keeps them safe and supervised when you’re away from home.

As a working parent, you know how difficult it can be to balance your responsibilities at home and at the office. Keeping your kids occupied while you’re working can be especially challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips for keeping your kids busy during the day so you can focus on your job.

Indoor Activities

When the weather isn’t cooperating, or you don’t have time for outdoor activity, your kids can do plenty of indoor activities to stay entertained. Board games, puzzles, coloring books, and art supplies are all great ways to keep them engaged and away from screens for a little while.

If you have multiple children, encourage them to work together on projects like building with Legos or creating their own stories with action figures. You could also introduce them to new hobbies such as baking or teach them basic life skills like laundry or gardening.

Benefits of Doing Indoor Activities

Indoor activities are not only fun, but they also have educational benefits. When kids work on puzzles, board games, or craft projects, they learn problem-solving skills and practice their motor skills. Creative activities like drawing and painting can help them express themselves and hone their artistic talents. Engaging in these activities can help them stay focused throughout the day, making it easier for you to get your work done.

If you are a work-from-home parent, indoor activities can also be a great way to keep your kids busy while you are on conference calls or video meetings. To make it even easier, consider doing the following:

  • Set aside a specific area for their activities. Designate an area of your home just for them to do indoor activities, and ensure they have all the supplies they need.
  • Make it fun. Incorporate some of their favorite toys or books into your chosen activities, making them more likely to stay engaged.
  • Set a time limit. Depending on their age, you can set a timer or give them an allotted time to do the activity before they move on to something else.

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Outdoor Activities

Going outside is a great way for kids to get some fresh air and burn off some energy while learning about nature and exploring the world around them. It gives them a chance to soak up some sunshine and get away from the distractions of screens. Here are some activities that your kids can do outdoors:

Creating an Outdoor Play Area

Turn your backyard into an outdoor play area where your kids can have fun without having to leave the house. Create a makeshift obstacle course with balls, hula hoops, and other toys that they can use to keep themselves entertained. You could also encourage them to build their own little clubhouse out of boxes or build a fort with blankets and pillows.


If you have a garden in your backyard, let your kids help with the gardening. Planting flowers, growing vegetables, and learning about different kinds of plants can be very educational for them as well as fun! Plus, it’s also a great way to teach them about sustainable living while getting them to appreciate nature.

Enroll Your Kid in Early Childhood Education

Enrolling your kids in an early childhood education program facilitates learning and exploration while providing them with a safe place to stay when you’re busy. These programs offer age-appropriate activities and lessons tailored to their level, which benefits their development. Plus, it’s also a great way to make sure they’re safe and supervised while you’re at work. Here are your options:

Daycare Center

A daycare center is a great option for parents who need to stay away from home for longer. These centers provide a safe and secure environment for your children, with activities designed to help them develop problem-solving, socializing, and language development skills.

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A preschool or pre-kindergarten program can be the perfect choice for younger kids. These programs usually offer a combination of academic-based learning activities and social and playtime to help your child learn in a fun and educational environment.

Kindergarten Education

Kindergarten education programs provide an academic curriculum that prepares children for elementary school. They focus on developing skills like reading, writing, math, and science while teaching basic life skills such as responsibility and manners.

As a busy parent, you understand the importance of keeping your children occupied while you work. With these tips, you can find ways to balance your responsibilities and keep your kids busy simultaneously. Whether through activities or early education, there are plenty of ways to keep your kids busy while you work.

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