Inspiring the Love for Reading in Your Child

child reading book with her father

What does your child see you do? Browsing your phone? Watching TV? Listening to music? Reading a book? When experts say that kids emulate adults and follow what they see, those experts are not lying. This is scientifically proven. There are studies—numerous, in fact—that show the impact of what you do on your child. If you want them to learn how to love reading, you’ve got to set an example. Be the role model.

Write a Book

Do you know that a step-by-step guide to third-grade writing worksheets, which you can get for free from websites such as, can inspire your child to read? There are plenty of these writing worksheets online. This is a fun activity that you can share with your child. All you have to do is to ask them what kind of stories they want to write about. Help them write stories. Collect their writing and drawings. You can have their works professionally bound.

Read Regularly

What do you do the moment you wake up? Do you check your phone for emails and text messages? When your child wakes up, what do they see you do? This is important because it will set their understanding of what’s important in the morning. Make it a habit to read a short book with them in the morning—yes, even before they have their breakfasts. You’ll see how much this will improve their interest in books.

Start Young

Read to your pregnant belly. Your child will recognize your voice. Even before you give birth, it’s important that you inculcate reading into your routine. Believe it or not, but your unborn baby will be listening to your voice. Continue this tradition once you give birth. Don’t think that they won’t understand what you’re reading. Exposing your baby to the language earlier will help them have a better grasp of it.

Visit the Library

Make trips to the library. Do this as early as you can. There are story times in the library. Maybe your child will love to sit down and listen to the book reader. Take note of the titles of the books that your child will begin to get interested in. Make sure to get copies of these books so that they have their own at home. If you have no idea what books to read to your child, consult the librarians. They usually have a list of kid-friendly books.

Don’t Push Them Too Hard

kid reading with her mother

Encourage the love for reading in your child, but don’t put too much pressure on them. You will only take the fun out of reading if you try to push them too hard. Don’t worry about them not catching up with what you know. Once they are in school, you will see the benefits of reading to them early. They will have an easier time understanding the teachers. If you notice that your child has a harder time than usual reading and speaking, talk to their pediatrician.

There is no way your child will love reading if technology is ever-present in their life. Try to limit the time they spend watching television or YouTube. How can books compete with videos when children are naturally visual beings? Take technology out of the equation, and your child will have an easier time falling in love with books.

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