Young Nonprofits: Ideas to Increase Community Engagement

Nonprofit organizations are always on the lookout for partners and volunteers within their communities. Or sometimes, even outside the local areas. But for some nonprofits, engaging and retaining donors and members are big challenges. If you’re running or a part of a young nonprofit, focusing on community engagement should be on top of your mind.

Creating relationships within communities can help your organization continue to grow. On top of that, you can increase awareness or recognition for your nonprofit. The thing is, creating positive relationships in the community can also be a struggle for a young nonprofit that lacks the resources. Read on to learn how you can successfully boost community engagement.

One of the most important elements of a nonprofit organization is encouraging the members to share their experiences and tell their stories. Create a safe space for your nonprofit members and to be heard and listened to. If they feel valued in the community they’re in and that they can grow their passions with your help, they are more likely to stay in your group.

Community engagement and building are crucial ingredients of retention. Some organizations create their ‘have your say’ walls wherein everyone can freely express themselves. To show your online community that you value their ideas, you can use user-generated content.

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  • Improve communication

Communication is of top importance when it comes to promoting community engagement. First off, your team should be equipped with essential phone systems, mobile devices, and desktop computers. These pieces of equipment are necessary to maintain consistent and real-time communication with your members, donors, and volunteers.

One perfect solution to have uninterrupted communication is investing in the right IP-PBX telephone system. This allows your team to better manage calls while keeping your operating costs down.

Besides the tech, don’t forget to show your potential volunteers and sponsors that you understand their interests, needs, and differences. Speak in the language of the people you’re targeting to get their trust. Focus your communication efforts on the things that your target community values. If you’re prioritizing community engagement to get more donors, write and distribute messages that narrate why your fundraising is worth donating to.

  • Organize community drives

Another excellent way to strengthen the ties between you and the community is by hosting community drives. Community drives are widely used both by young and established nonprofits since they are inexpensive and innovative. In other words, you can support the community and grow your connections without shelling out a great amount of cash.

Among the most popular drives include a recycling program, used book sale, used electronics drive, cleanup drive, community garden, and collect food for local food banks. If you’re on a limited budget and looking for a low-cost fundraising event, community drives are worthy options. In organizing a community drive, be specific with the items you need, keep everyone informed, and deliver the donations safely and promptly.

  • Connect with for-profit neighbors

Community engagement involves not only the locals or individuals in your area but also your for-profit neighbors. Partnering with local for-profit businesses is a great way to help each other develop a positive purpose that will benefit the community. This is also a perfect opportunity to gain community and political advocates for your organization.

And if you’re still a young nonprofit, reaching out to local businesses can connect you to a broader audience to share your stories. At the same time, they can help you take on bigger projects that you can tackle due to a lack of resources. Look for for-profit businesses with goals that align or are relevant to yours. Also, always stay transparent with your partnerships to avoid conflicts. The more transparent you are, the more your nonprofit will succeed.

  • Don’t forget to make it fun

If you want your nonprofit to establish a positive community inside and outside the organization, make things fun and interesting. Reach out to your online fans by providing creative and fun content. Having a good balance between fun and promotional content is necessary.

You can keep your audience happy while getting to promote the type of platform you’re building. For your local area, don’t ignore the impact of organizing community events. They can help you make your nonprofit visible and appeal to potential donors or sponsors as well.

Maintaining partnerships or memberships for your young nonprofit might be a challenge, but it’s certainly achievable. Craft a plan with your existing team and create engagement opportunities for your organization with our guide. If you want to expect greater results, find creative ways to do these things in a sustainable approach. Surely, more people will notice and love your organization.

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