How to Hire A Motivational Speaker With Content

How many times have you gone to a business event or conference to find that they have hired a motivational speaker that you have nothing in common with and can’t relate to? The speeches of these types of motivational speakers use typically are rags-to-riches stories, or explain how they overcame issues and became a success.

According to Connie Podesta, many motivational sessions often end up more like a pep rally than learning valuable information that can add value to your personal and business decisions going forward.

Today, event planners are changing up their tactics a bit to secure speakers that encourage attendees to take action.

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Audiences want to learn and have invested time and money into attending business conferences, and they want to come away from the event learning a skill or tactic that will help them grow their business and be successful.

People want to learn from a motivational speaker, they want to know why and how the speaker achieved their success. They are seeking the intrinsic reason to change their current behaviors and adapt to newer tactics or more success-driven strategies that can impact their business.

Before you sign up for your next conference, check to see who the motivational speaker will be and what they plan to talk about. This will help you gauge whether that part of the conference will be worth the time and investment.

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