Homeschooling: Parents’ Current Choice as the New Trend

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Before the onslaught of the global pandemic, not many parents choose homeschooling as an option for their kids because of their work responsibilities. In the school year between 2011 and 2012, only approximately 3% of the school-age population was homeschooled.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 health crisis, the homeschooling setup has been deemed essential for parents and kids alike. This is especially true for parents who have been questioning the traditional school system even before. Recent events only served as a push for them towards a new direction.

In discussing homeschooling, some parents may not be comfortable with the idea of teaching their kids hands-on. They may feel that their knowledge and skills are not enough to cover what their child needs to learn to achieve proper development. Despite this, parents are considered as a child’s first teachers. How true is this? Also, another concern may arise. How conducive is your home environment for learning?

Home Environment as a Place of Learning

Although you may think that your home is your child’s safe space and comfort zone, it may not automatically mean that your home is conducive to learning. There are aspects you should consider when deciding to home school your child.

One of the things to consider when delving into the homeschooling system is your home’s location. Are there many factors that may distract your child while studying, such as a noisy street or an unsafe neighborhood? Before investing in homeschooling, you might want to check your home first. You could get the best mortgage rates if you want to look into moving to a new home.

Establish a learning space that is solely for learning purposes only. This means that this room is dedicated to doing homework, holding activities and classes, and taking exams only. The space will not be used for playing video games or even sleeping. This provides a signal for your child that learning time is solely for learning only.

The next thing to consider is the technological distractions that your child might encounter during a school session. Eliminate distractions by trying out different apps like StayFocusd and If all else fails, you can always turn off their smartphones or log out of their social media during a study session.

Make sure your study room has adequate lighting. This will help your child stay alert and energized. Natural light from windows is a good option.

Keep your child’s learning essentials in one place that is easily accessible from the study table. This is also part of eliminating distractions. If your child still has to cross the room to sharpen a pencil, many other factors may come into play that can divert their attention from their studies.

These are some ways to keep homeschooling a productive and efficient pursuit for you and your child.

Benefits of Homeschooling on Children

Homeschooling your child

There may be parents who are still divided about the idea of homeschooling as opposed to choosing traditional education for their children. Although we now live in the modern age, it is understandable that many people still cannot grasp the benefits that a child can enjoy with the homeschooling system. What are the advantages of homeschooling your child?

Given the current setup of school and work, homeschooling promotes family unity. If this is a concern in your family, homeschooling might be what you need to consider. Since the homeschooling setup allows students to be flexible with their schedule, family time can easily be squeezed into their daily activities.

Homeschooled kids are allowed more time to pursue their interests. This provides higher chances for a child to be a more well-rounded individual compared to a child who has strictly been educated traditionally. Traditional education tends to be more rigid when it comes to the students’ areas of interest. Exploration of different topics and activities allows kids to grow up as well-informed individuals.

Students are as efficient or perhaps even more efficient than their traditionally educated peers. The students spend less time on unnecessary daily engagements such as transportation and waiting in lines. Given that homeschooled kids have more time in their hands, these kids can explore more of their areas of interest and beyond.

Homeschooling has been somehow the norm during this pandemic, but the question remains: will parents continue to homeschool their kids even during the post-COVID era? This question is yet to be answered. One thing is for sure: homeschooling has its benefits, and the kids educated by this flexible system have bright futures ahead of them.

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