Helping Mother Earth: Crafty Ways to Create a More Eco-Friendly Community


The problem seems insurmountable. As scientists and leading green advocates warn us of the dangers of the greenhouse effect and the warming of Earth, we’re home to some of the world’s most populated cities. In a way, we are either part of the solution or part of the problem when it comes to the livability of our planet. So it’s either we actively make a stand to help improve our environment, or we abandon the cause and leave it out of our minds altogether.

And let Earth’s destruction run its course. The thing is the biggest cities in America are shining examples of the massive advance of man in terms of technology and the industry. But they’re also the most polluted. Top of the list is New York City. In fact, there were 200 days in 2018 when New York’s air was so polluted breathing it was unhealthy for young kids.

The good news is we can start collective action to help Mother Earth. By doing so, we become more effective than when we’re doing it alone. The key to a better environment around us is community action. Check out some steps we can make that happen.

Community Gardens

Imagine how much better it would be for everyone if there is a community garden for everyone to share. It’s a dream come true. Not only will you have a fresh supply of fruits and vegetables but you also take a big step in giving Mother Earth a lift. To note, plants and trees provide us with oxygen by absorbing the harmful carbon footprint we leave behind in the process called photosynthesis. It’s a vital cycle, to say the least.

You can also enjoin businesses and industries to help you get more greens. For one, they should support your sustainable community by ensuring trees that are cut get replaced. Moreover, encouraging buildings and business owners to maintain greenery in their establishments is wise.

A good way to do this is for them to keep gardens and lawns. A well-manicured lawn is not only a great come-on for business, but they’re also home to a beautiful array of green plants that can purify the surrounding air big time. In this regard, getting the services of landscaping and lawn experts is a wise decision. To boot, these professionals have the expertise and the tools to make a stunning front office happen.

Car Sharing

It’s no secret. Cars are one of the biggest sources of air pollution on the planet. But that’s not all there is to it. Vehicle exhaust affects your lungs (you don’t need carbon by the way). Worse, they can pose serious health risks, premature death including.

A good way to get around this is by car sharing. That way you minimize your carbon footprint as you use far fewer vehicles. You can arrange it with your community or use the services of a long-established car-sharing business.

Another way is to promote alternative means of transportation. Walking and biking provide a great way to arrive and exercise at the same time, for instance.

Community Water and Energy Use Goals

drinking water

Every year, America wastes so much energy we’re fast becoming the biggest wasters on the planet. While industry plays a huge role in this, your community can pitch in to lessen the amount wasted. You might be wondering how energy use helps Mother Earth. It’s simple actually. Most of the energy we use comes from fossil fuels which leave a carbon footprint once utilized. Therefore, the more energy used, the more carbon dioxide is left behind to sabotage the planet.

A smart way to do this is to agree on a community goal for energy use. That way you increase awareness to limit each home’s use. Working collectively, you should be able to save more energy than when you’re working alone.

Improving Homes with Energy-efficient Solutions

There are tons of ways a community can work to have more energy-efficient solutions at home. A concrete method is to encourage the use of ENERGY STAR appliances. These home tools consume far lesser energy and do work more efficiently. You can start with your washing machine or your dishwasher. By using such equipment, you reduce energy wastage.

Another way is to use LED bulbs. These are more energy-efficient than your conventional incandescent bulbs. Plus, there’s the case for low-flow toilets and showerheads. By using far fewer gallons of water, these home fixtures can go a long way to America’s overall energy efficiency. Assuming, of course, you’re doing it as a community.

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