Selecting a Defensive Driving Course Online

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Driving is not only fun, but it is also highly convenient. However, getting a driver’s license is not a walk in the park, as you will pay for extremely high insurance premiums if you are categorized under high-risk drivers. However, there are a number of things you can do to soften judgment. Among them is taking an NJ-approved online defensive driving course.

 Class or Online?

Defensive driving classes are dynamic a factor that enables them to accommodate people from all walks of life. You can choose to go the traditional way and take a physical class option. Here, you will have to travel to school, attend the lessons that are sometimes as long as 8 hours a day, and finally take an examination and then be issued with a certificate of completion.

An online class, on the other hand, comes with unmatched convenience. First of all, you do not need to be in a single station at a specific time of the day. Secondly, they are mobile and tablet friendly such that you can take them from anywhere. As such, you can engage in your class at a desktop at home, while at a grocery store, or while queuing at your dentists. Your daily engagements and personal preference determine whether you choose an online class or a physical class.

What are your goals?

Before signing up for any online course, ensure that it is suitable for your needs. That said, there are three major reasons why people take defensive classes.

The first and the main reason is driver improvement. A skilled driver does much better matters accident prevention, compared to a non-skilled driver. Accident prevention is an essential factor for long term health and safety of other motorists and pedestrians. Ensure that you select a course with high-quality content and ensure that the provider has a good reputation.


Secondly, most people go for defensive driving courses in an attempt to minimize the costs of their auto insurance premiums. You will note that some insurance companies offer their clients discounts for voluntarily completing defensive driving courses. Your insurance provider determines how much discount you get.

The last reason people pick these courses is to mitigate the effects of a traffic ticket and reduce points on their driving license. In case you are under this category, your course might need to be approved by the state or court. If you are attempting to have a ticket dismissed, contact the court before taking the course so that they can reduce points or dismiss a ticket.

Which Media do they Use?

While most modern defensive classes are online, they are not delivered the same. Some providers use 2D animations, among other outdated methods of presentation. On the other hand, other providers use modern 3D animations, drone footage, dashboard camera, and text overlay, among other features that help you understand road use and safety better.

Also, note that some providers market and sell their courses to you at a cheaper price, only to spend hours on end reading texts yourself for you to understand. As you go along, they might introduce charges that were hidden from the beginning. As such, before purchasing, always read the fine print, request for a free demo, and ensure you take a course that makes you a better driver.

Length of the Course

Online courses can be completed in as little as one hour or as long as 8 hours. This time variations are affected by the type of insurance discounts you want to achieve or state certification requirements. That said, research and ensure that the course you choose has the minimum required hours for your state. Also, note that you do not require online driver defensive courses to qualify for an insurance discount in some states.

In conclusion, the end goal of an online driver’s defensive course is to get a certificate as proof of completion of a specific course. This certificate will verify that you have attained all the requirements set by the court, insurance company, or the DMV. Remember that a certificate should not cost you extra money, as it is what you have been paying for all along. Select a service provider who issues certificates as soon as the course is over. Enjoy your course and drive safe.

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