Debunking Five Myths About Child Custody


Are you and your spouse planning a divorce? If you have kids together, it makes it even more complicated, especially if both of you are fighting for custody. Who gets more rights over the children? Do mothers really have more advantages over their children? Here’s the truth behind the five myths concerning child care.

Both parents have a right to spend time with their children

It is true that as parents, you have obligations to your children. However, it is important to realize that family law is more concerned about what’s best for the kids. This means that it’s all about the children’s rights and their best interests. Each child has the right to have a meaningful relationship with both their father and mother. There is also no set age that determines a child selecting a parent they wish to spend time with. But this does not apply in case of family violence, abuse, or neglect.

There is nothing I can do about my ex badmouthing me in front of our children

If your ex-spouse is badmouthing you, it can have an emotional toll on your children. This can include blaming, telling lies, and calling bad names. If your child tells you about hearing your ex doing this, don’t use this opportunity to retaliate. Instead, tell them the truth. Then have a cordial conversation with your ex. You can also ask the help of a lawyer that specializes in family law in Townsville on what you can do to stop such behavior.

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Kids get less child support in a joint custody arrangement

Having a shared parenting arrangement doesn’t mean that child support commitments drop. Both parents need duplicate investment to accommodate their children best. This refers to financial, emotional, and psychological support as well. Children get more support from both parents, which makes it a preferred custody arrangement.

If our children live with me, I don’t need to involve my ex on the decision-making

With an equal shared parental responsibility, the other parent has the right to know any major decision involving the kids. This includes their education, state of residence, religion, and medical treatments. However, for other areas like the activity you wish to engage with your children and what they wear, there is no need to advise your co-parent.

Since I’m the mother, the court will favor me over my spouse

Most mothers feel like the court favors them. This is since it is mostly the mothers who often get granted child custody. But the court will not always side with the mother. There is no gender-based decision to make. If the court deems that it is in the children’s best interest that the father takes care of the children, then your ex-spouse gets the custody. The court will take into account various factors before making a decision.

It is not easy to decide which of the parent will take custody of the children. However, if both parties are willing to take on a joint custody arrangement and the court approves of this, then it will make it easier for the kids to cope. Don’t be fooled by child custody misinformation and use this list above as your guide.

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