Eyes on the Road: Common Causes of Road Accidents

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Driving trucks can be tricky, even if you’ve been a seasoned driver for years. But it can be incredibly challenging if you’re an amateur driver who lacks the needed skills. You’re not the only person having this kind of thought. Driving a huge truck is challenging. On top of their weight and size, they have a notorious reputation for drastically injuring other drivers or passengers during collisions.

Most road accidents involving large trucks or tractor-trailers are catastrophic, and they can occur anytime. If it collides with a smaller vehicle, injuries and casualties will be inevitable. That said, talking to an experienced truck accident lawyer is the victim’s best decision to discover the cause of the accident and get the compensation they deserve.

Different Kinds of Trucks

Truck accidents might involve a few different large vehicles, including:

  • Tanker Trucks: Manufacturers use tanker trucks to transport gas or liquid, making the contents highly toxic and flammable. When tanker trucks get involved in an accident, even a minor one can lead to severe consequences.
  • Flatbed Trucks: Flatbed trucks are open trailers, so drivers should secure them properly to avoid accidents. One of the most common accidents is spillage on a busy highway, resulting in severe injuries and multi-car collisions.
  • Garbage Trucks: Garbage and dumpster trucks have limited views and blind spots. Because you can mainly find them in heavily populated areas or within city areas, accidents involving these vehicles usually result in bicycle or pedestrian injuries and property damage.

You might also encounter these trucks daily:

  • Tow Trucks
  • Delivery Trucks
  • Cement Trucks
  • Box Trucks

7 Causes of Truck Accidents

Most investigations show that truck accidents result from a driver engaging in negligent actions, including following closely another vehicle or speeding. But errors made by the truck driver still have a large role to play in these accidents. Below is a simple list of the most frequent causes of truck accidents you might encounter on the road.


Major truck companies use speed limiters and trackers on their vehicles, but not all use this innovative feature. Because trucks are bigger than passenger vehicles, speeding is more dangerous for drivers. Trucks tend to react more slowly if you suddenly change their direction or speed because of the momentum it builds, making it harder for drivers to take control of the vehicle. Overspeeding is dangerous and negligent.

Drivers who speed are held responsible for any accident.

Aggressive Driving

Truck drivers travel long distances for hours, forcing them to focus on the road for long periods. That will put them under stress to finish the deliveries promptly, further increasing the chances of road rage. If they cut another driver off, follow another driver or vehicle closely, tailgate, or ignore the right of way, they can lead to serious accidents.

Most truck accidents will seriously hurt themselves and other drivers or passengers.

Extreme Weather

Extreme weather conditions will also cause serious accidents. That’s because it’ll reduce the driver’s visibility, making it harder for them to control the vehicle. Fog, wind, ice, snow, or rain can lead to extensive injuries or multi-car collisions.

Overloading Weight

Trucks that carry lots of loads will often experience tire blowouts. Or others might tip over after changing a lane or turning because they’re carrying too much weight. If the load isn’t secured properly, slipping or flying debris will be dangerous to drivers, causing them to swerve. In turn, that can lead to road obstructions.

Driving Under the Influence

Drivers shouldn’t exceed the blood-alcohol concentration limit, which is .04%. Local authorities don’t permit drivers to drink alcoholic beverages within four hours of driving a large vehicle. In addition, they can’t have alcohol while on duty. Driving under the influence is a federal crime that has serious consequences for everyone involved.

Poor Lighting

Truck drivers will have limited vision during nighttime, especially if the roads or highways don’t have good lighting. That will make it more challenging for drivers to stay on the road and cause their blind spots to darken. It’ll also prevent them from seeing other passengers, narrowing roads, or blind curves.

Vehicle Failure

Even if most truck accidents result from the mistakes made by the driver, that’s not always the case. Your lawyers can also hold truck companies or vehicle manufacturers responsible if proven negligent because the car wasn’t maintained or inspected properly. Or, you can hold them responsible if the vehicle has a defective part. Brake failures are the primary cause of truck accidents.

If you collide with a truck, you should first focus on getting needed medical care and attention. When the hospital bills start piling up and you need something to cover the costs, you can talk to a truck accident lawyer. Getting the legal representation you need will provide physical, emotional, and financial recovery.

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