Can Technology Help You Overcome Alcoholism?


We all have our bad habits, some tend to bite their nails when they get nervous, and others heavily depend on coffee to get through their everyday life. However, not all bad habits are made equal, and others are more detrimental, causing severe negative impacts on our overall well-being. And, today, we’ll be tackling alcohol addiction, the infamous vice plenty cling to, and how technology might be able to help.

You’re On The Right Track

First off, before we move forward, we understand that alcohol addiction is no easy thing to deal with, and even more so coming to terms and admitting that to yourself. So let us be the first to tell you that you’re on the right track. Sure, it might seem like the future is bleak right now, but the fact that you’re taking the initiative proves that you can do it. So please don’t beat yourself up if you trip over sometimes, take things at your own pace, and find comfort in knowing that you’re taking the first step.

Avoid Your Triggers

At its base, you will find triggers to your alcohol addiction, and when you experience said triggers, this signals a built habit in your body to look for alcohol. And, before we can use tech as a means to help you through sobering up, we must first identify and avoid the triggers that lead to alcohol dependence.

  • People of Bad Influence: You might like to call these certain “people” friends, but if you don’t know them for anything else apart from inviting you out to drinks and leaving you with nasty hangovers, please do yourself a favor and distance yourself. Come clean with them that you want to sober up, and if they don’t respect your wishes, we see no other option other than cutting them off. The bad influence will always pressure you into doing things you don’t want.
  • High-Risk Situations: Parties and holidays are natural breeding grounds for cold drinks, beers, and alcohol to pop out of the woodwork. And while we’re not necessarily telling you to be a party pooper, if being around alcohol makes you crave it, then best to steer clear and not test it. You’ll find it much easier to do and avoid any possible relapse.
  • Negative Emotions: Lastly, we won’t deny that people cling to alcohol because it helps alleviate the pain from strong negative emotions. Whether it be anxiety, stress, depression, anger, and possibly even boredom, alcohol is ever-present. We suggest that you surround yourself with things that give you comfort and avoid burning yourself out.

Where Does Tech Come In?

With all that said, where exactly does tech come into the equation and offer you help? And no, it doesn’t work as a magical spell, and a genie won’t come flying out of your smartphone and give you three wishes. What it does do is act as a supplement. It helps make the ordeal a lot more manageable and possibly even enjoyable. Technology helps take away the dread of withdrawal and possible relapse, taking your mind elsewhere.

#1 Connect With Groups

Just as businesses utilize hybrid PBX systems to improve communications, you can start by using your smartphone or any device to connect with other groups looking to sober up. People often think that they’re alone on this journey, but there are plenty of others taking the same path as you. All it takes is a quick search on social media or browsing through Reddit support groups, and you’re bound to find people who can offer you advice and help ease into the ordeal. Don’t forget to have your friends help you as well!

#2 Read A Book/ Listen To A Podcast

using phone and laptop

Getting your mind off things is a simple yet effective method that can help you break off from bad habits. And when it comes to alcohol addiction, you can choose to open an e-book and take your mind elsewhere, or maybe even hop on Spotify and listen to a podcast to soothe you. When your brain is busy thinking of other things and exploring different ideas, you’ll notice the time pass by, and your dependency won’t act up.

#3 Play A Game/ Enjoy Some Music

Lastly, redirecting your focus elsewhere is also a great way of supplementing your sobering-up journey. You can choose to play on your phone or turn on the console to get in some much need game time or even jam out to some tunes and get your boogie on. Whatever tickles your fancy is sure to work, and the more you’re able to distract yourself with the help of tech, the better.

Don’t Be Afraid To Reach Out

As a last note, before you take these methods and use them, always remember that there’s nothing wrong with reaching out for help. No man is an island, and we’re all out here to improve and become better people. So if it ever becomes unbearable, don’t be afraid to seek help.

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