A New Parent’s Guide to Baby Monitor

What if we tell you that we can make your new life as a parent a little easier? You don’t have to worry about the undid dishes in the sink. With this innovative device, you can be in the kitchen while monitoring your baby inside his room.

The Importance of Having a Baby Monitor

The price of baby monitors has dropped dramatically over the years, and, today, you don’t have to spend a fortune just to own one. We understand that you want to save some extra bucks, but we also want you to know that having a baby monitor is actually really important.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps one of the most important benefits you can get from having a baby monitor is the fact that you’d gain peace of mind. We just want our babies to be safe, and sometimes, that means going back to their room every five minutes to check on them. With a baby monitor, you can be at the garage, kitchen, or even in the bathroom doing whatever; all you have to do is listen or check the screen to see what’s happening inside your baby’s room in real-time.

Better Sleep

Your sleep cycle must be in sync with your baby’s. This means that when your baby is fast asleep, you should be too. Otherwise, you’ll end up irritable once your baby wakes up and you haven’t even had a few minutes of rest. Set the monitor inside your baby’s room, and you can go to your own bedroom once your baby is asleep.

Personal Space

Maintaining your house while taking care of your baby is just almost impossible. Sure, you can carry your baby in a sling while you do your chores or spend some time reading a book, but your baby needs rest as well and must be in his crib. Having a baby monitor allows you to be flexible and do all your chores while making sure your baby is fine.

It’s Not Just for the Baby

The truth of the matter is, a baby monitor is not just specifically for a baby. If you have children at home, you’d want to make sure all of them are fine as well. Sometimes, your kids tend to play with stuff they shouldn’t be playing with. With a baby monitor properly set up, you can watch your baby, toddler, or little kid at once.

Keeping Your Baby Monitor Safe from Hackers

Sadly enough, because of the advancements made in baby monitors, it has also become prone to hacking. There are various things that you can do to make sure that your baby monitors are safe from hackers. Here are some of them:

Closed System

Baby monitors are now equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, which means that they can be connected to the internet. While this may seem convenient, problems may arise when you’re sending data to the web. To avoid anonymous people hacking into your system, it’s better to use closed-system monitors, which only work through the transmitter and receiver units.


Install Antivirus on Your Computer

If your baby monitor is connected to your computer, make sure that it’s protected as well. Not using antivirus will render your computer prone to virus cyber threats, and when this happens, you’ll never know who’s watching the monitor you’ve set up. Additionally, ensure that you know where to find a repair shop for your computer if it suddenly malfunctions. You must have it fixed as soon as possible to guarantee that no information from it is used to access the baby monitor.

Abandon Old Passwords

Old passwords are like invitations for hackers. If you’re going to use baby monitors that utilize the internet and passwords, make sure that you develop a new code. Reusing old passwords heightens the risk of other people being able to access your monitors, especially if you’ve used this password in suspicious, numerous websites.

Two-factor Authentication

Logging in to the system twice every time you use it may seem inconvenient, but it’s totally worth it. This additional layer of security requires you to login using your account, and before you can access it, a text message containing a specific code that you need to enter will be sent to your number.

This not only ensures that you’re the only one who can access it but also works as a notification whether someone else suddenly tries to log in to your system without you knowing. It may seem like it will take a little of your time, but it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry.

We know just how much you love your baby, and we also know you’ll do everything to keep them safe. While being a great parent to them is key, it wouldn’t hurt if you invest in a baby monitor to assist you in parenthood.

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